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St. Francis de Sales High School

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sfs_logoFour decades ago, Hebbagodi was like any other hamlet, on NH 7, in Karnataka. Hebbagodi remained calm and quiet and unaffected by the hustle and bustle taking place in Bangalore on one side and Hosur on the other side. In fact, the villages surroundings Hebbagodi also remained the same.

Rev. Fr.Devasia Kuzhipil, msfs the provincial of vishakapatnam purchased the land in 1962. When the land was purchased, it was felt that it was a leap into the dark. Around the land that was purchased asbestos shed her and another there mushroomed one after the other. It was the beginning of industrialization that rapidly metamorphosed Hebbagodi the rural pocket into a fully urbanized sector. The land value appreciated and there was the need for schools and colleges to spring up in Hebbagodi.

The Manager of Mermier Farm, Rev.Fr. Joseph Mulkara msfs, who had initial misgivings about the usefulness of the purchased land, gave the green signal for instituting the St. Francis De Sales English Medium School in 1982 and its sister institution the Kannada medium School in 1983.

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SFS High School,English & Kannada Medium
Hebbagodi,Electronic City P.O
Bangalore – 560 100
Telephone: 080 – 27831450, 27831451

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Photo and Information credit: St. Francis de Sales High School


    Written by Thejesh GN


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      1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (29 votes, average: 3.14 out of 5)
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